Steve Bederman is the CEO of thē Corporation. He is known as a leader of global technology and software companies, for both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in the cloud and premise-based software. Steve has experience introducing products to the US market as well as creating new markets worldwide.

The Success Challenge

Today, I was sent an article about the Ford Motor Company CEO who turned around that company successfully.  There was a lengthy explanation as to how he met the challenge.

Afterwards, I had a call with a senior executive that I hold in high regard.  I shared the article and then listened to his remarks.  He said that the steps of that Ford executive are not different from what most business books define as correct methods.  The ability to meet the success challenge is a willingness to stick to these fundamentals. Continue reading

What We’ve Learned

We started this company as a way to implement everything we’ve learned in the many years our staff, as recognized leaders of the calling technologies industry, successfully developed and implemented solutions.

We built or acquired, at one time or another, TouchStar Software, DigiSoft, SigmaWorx, Datatel, and more.  At other times we participated in management of Data Results, Castel, and Vocalcom North America.  Suffice to say we are very experienced!  We’ve had incredible success and faced our share of disappointments.  Continue reading

52 Weeks

A business seeking excellence…one that improves as time moves forward…transformational change…must recognize the fundamental approach required to accomplish this.

It is the essential responsibility of the company leadership to build a platform for this constancy in improvement. Fortunately, the calendar provides the structure: 52 weeks! Continue reading

Actions and Reactions

I have found that almost everyone has good ideas…even brilliant ones. However, as you may have noticed, very few of these ideas result in success. In fact, I’d venture to say that most companies find success, not because of brilliance, but rather because of implementation; exacting implementation of sound process of every idea. Continue reading


So, when do leads start filling the pipeline? When does a pipeline turn into revenue? When does revenue become dependable? When do lead generation, sales, and sustainability happen?

In my three decades of determining, assembling, and implementing market strategies…for new products or new territories for established products…I have never experienced, learned, or observed an accurate means by which to know when traction happens. Continue reading

A Manager’s Job Is Easy!

I have always said that, “A manager’s job requirements are easy to understand. Simply, be aware of everything all of the time and do something with what you discover.”

This may sound like a joke but it is not. Also, it is complicated by the rule to not over-manage. Of course, this is not so painless to implement. Though, imagine if you were aware of all that happens in your organization and if you came to work each day with the goal of using that awareness to improve. Continue reading

The Center of Things

When an organization is settled on the initiative of taking their company or product into a new market, it is imperative to segment planning into specific linear paths. Of course, there are many details to be determined and many more yet to be realized. None the less, if one travels down too many undetermined paths, then getting to the goal can be nearly impossible. In fact, getting to the starting line may be at risk. Continue reading

What is a Difference-Maker?

Often times, your product or service is not the only one with similar features or applications. None the less, you feel your product meets the market needs, or even exceeds market expectations. You may believe that you can do better than others.

Remember, you have but one chance to be new and fresh – when your product is introduced.

You must recognize that the power is in the offer, not simply in the feature. Continue reading

You Have Just One Chance!

There is only one time that you can enter into a market. Just one time that you can celebrate it, make a statement to your audience, turn someone’s head from the curiosity of something new.

Know who you are: TELL THEM!

Know exactly what you plan to sell to them: TELL THEM!

Know exactly how you intend to package the product: TELL THEM! Continue reading

What’s Going On with the World? What’s Going On in the USA?

Unemployment, bank failures, flat markets…is it even possible to enter into a new market, the US market, and get dramatic growth and a return on the investment? 

Of course it is…but the rules that apply, though not necessarily different from the “good times,” must be clearly understood and practiced as a discipline: Continue reading