We are not strategic planners, we are new market entry specialists.

the Corporation specializes in US Market Entry


thē Corporation is a gateway company to escort established software and technology developers to “cross the chasm” and experience exponential growth in the US marketplace. 



thē Corporation helps clients sell into the world’s most lucrative market, the U.S., or hedge market conditions by expanding globally.  Our business expansion services will move your focus from product to profits, from local to global, from dream to reality. 

If you are an existing company with proven success in non-US markets, thē Corporation will:

  • Escort you into the USA marketplace,
  • Assist in all stages of US market entry, and
  • Establish your United States market presence.

Led by veterans of the technology and software industry, thē Corporation goes beyond consulting, business advisory services or public relations. We:

  • Offer innovative and creative methods to overtake the U.S. marketplace for your product; 
  • Adopt your products as if they were our own; 
  • Build awareness, marketing, sales and distribution;
  • Create and manage your United States operations.

Our aim is for your products to go beyond U.S. sales success and dominate the US marketplace. We are flexible – you decide the breadth and depth of assistance that you want thē Corporation to provide.

the Corporation helps software and technology to dominate US marketsEntering the US market is challenging and costly if you don’t get it right.  thē Corporation will improve your chances of success.  We:

  • Reduce your investment and risk of market entry; 
  • Accelerate your speed to market;
  • Lower your personnel risk; 
  • Provide a US office, operations and point of contact;
  • Determine your best delivery model, either hosted or Software-as-a-Service in the cloud, or premise-based; and,
  • Offer our resources as a scalable, flexible, and expandable solution to your U.S. market presence.

We are the one point of contact for your US market entry needs, providing turnkey solutions that you can manage — or we can manage for you.   

What We Do

We invite you to watch this brief video in which Steve Bederman, our CEO, introduces you to thē Corporation.

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thē Corporation escorts European, Asian and other established non-US software and technology companies into the United States market.  We will grow your US market presence through effective, targeted sales and marketing, and build a scalable operation to dominate the US marketplace for your products. 

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When thē Corporation makes a promise to you, we keep it. 

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If you are a non-US software or technology firm in Asia, Europe, Latin America or elsewhere, and are looking to be escorted into the U.S. market by a team of market entry experts, thē Corporation can help you.

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